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Clean Care Curtain Cleaning Experience

Step 1: Curtain Dismantling


For many, the takedown and re-hanging of curtains can be very difficult and tedious, but at Clean Care Dry Cleaning, we have decades of expertise in curtain handling and curtain takes down, delivering a caring and professional service for your fabrics.

STEP 2: Detailing


When your curtains reach us Clean Care Dry Cleaning, the first process we perform is detailing. Our curtain connoisseur thoroughly inspects these delicate pieces to designate the different fabric types and composition techniques. It then undergoes surface surveying, finding, identifying, and logging imperfections marks.


Stain removal is one of the most critical procedures in our curtain care process. During detailing, we identify marks or stains that are unlikely to be eradicated by the standard cleaning process. Our skilled experts then focus on lifting the spots as gently as possible. For this, they will draw upon proven traditional methods or advanced modern techniques.

Step 4: Cleaning

Cleaning is the fourth and central point of Clean Care Dry Cleaning curtain care. After evaluating materials, construction and detailing. Our experts pinpoint the most suitable treatment, including hand-cleaning, laundering or dry cleaning. For dry cleaning, we use only the gentlest non-toxic chemicals and offer two environmentally friendly dry cleaning options using GreenEarth® solutions. Meticulous attention, first-rate technology and the greenest possible cleaning methods allow us to achieve our unsurpassed results.

Step 5: Minor Repairs


During detailing, our connoisseurs take note of any minor repairs that may need carrying out on your curtains. We will then discuss these with you to outline them and factor them into your treatment. With experience and skill, our craftspeople can secure hems, attend to any rips and tears.

Step 6: Inspection


After the first five steps, our connoisseurs inspect your curtains to ensure each process has been carried out to perfection. Then, a formal inspection takes place, with attention paid to cleanliness, appearance, the quality of any repair work made and impeccable hand-finishing. This ensures that every item entrusted to our care is returned to you in flawless condition.

Step 7: Packaging and delivery


At Clean Care Dry Cleaning, we appreciate the impact of aesthetics and know that effective packaging is vital for your items’ secure delivery. As an environmentally responsible company, we take every opportunity to minimize packaging, recycle and reduce waste wherever possible.

Step 8: Installation

curtain cleaning

After the curtains are thoroughly cleaned and pressed. Curtains will be hanged up upon request. Nothing beats fresh pieces of curtains being hanged up. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Professional dry cleaners use dry cleaning chemicals like tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), also known as “perc” in the dry cleaning industry, evaporating quickly, unlike other substances used in the washing machine to clean soiled items of clothing.

Dry cleaners use big, high-tech machines to make your item of clothing cleaner. Suppose you’re wondering why dry cleaning machines don’t require water. In that case, it’s because they use a commercial cleaner that evaporates much faster than usual water. The solvent is continuously circulated throughout the entire process to remove impurities to be cleaner and fresher garments. Then the solvent is distilled and purified so it can be used again.

Incidents of damage to date have never occurred! – but we understand it’s common customer concern. That’s why we’re fully insured!

In the extremely rare event your item is damaged, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our compensation policy. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.

Many stains that are caused by food, oily substances, or beverages may become invisible when they dry out. But later on, with exposure to heat they will reappear (a step in the dry cleaning process). This is caused by the oxidation of the sugar in the staining substance. To increase the chances of removing the stain, it is recommended that you immediately mark the spot where the spill occurred with a piece of tape to make the dry cleaner aware of the invisible stain, on a piece of paper write what was spilled, and bring it to be cleaned immediately.

You can use reach us at our enquiry form located at the page or alternatively, you can contact our concierge team direct by phone on 65 6602 8171 or click on the whatsapp buttom located at the bottom right to chat with us.
It is best to first check out the manufacturer's label for cleaning instructions. Curtains can be steam, dry or machine cleaned. They can even be hand-washed by putting them in a bathtub and using a mild detergent. However, this method of curtain cleaning is possible if the curtains are not too dirty and if they are not very bulky.
It depends on the fabric type, while you can check the manufacturers instructions, most manufacturers list dry clean only because it causes the least shrinkage. Most curtains will not respond well to either washing or traditional Dry Cleaning, causing shrinkage, and fabric damage. If in any doubt, please consult us, we'll be glad to assist.
Simple and natural, our unique system holds considerable advantages. We use a unique steaming process therefore we produce no waste water AND have no dry cleaning fluids to dispose of. Soiled residue is extracted & captured using a series of filters. Independent lab testing has verified the residual waste from the On-Site process is completely NON TOXIC and ECO FRIENDLY.
Vacuums can remove surface dust, but will not remove embedded dust, especially up behind in the pleats where the majority of the dust accumulates. In addition, the brush of the vacuum will spread and embed surface dust deeper in the fabric, and may leave dirty streaks on fabric.
The warmth of the sun causes curtains to warm up and to act like a glass house with the result that any bacteria on the material will thrive in the warmth and humidity around the curtain. Moisture on the window does not cause the mould, although it will contribute to the warmth and humidity around the curtain when the sun heats it up


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