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Off-Site Carpet Cleaning Experience

Step 1: Inspection

carpet cleaning

Before proceeding to the off-site carpet cleaning, we will first inspect the carpet’s make and fabric, how badly it is stained and how we can tackle the situation on hand.

STEP 2: Pre-Vacuuming

carpet cleaning

After inspection, we will start by vacuuming to remove any dirt and dust on the carpet surface.

STEP 3: Carpet Power Jet Wash

carpet cleaning

After thorough vacuuming of the carpet, our cleaning specialist will then power jet both sides of the carpet to ensure that it is well soaked and cleaned at the first initial stage. 

Step 4: Signature Clean Care Extraction Solution

carpet cleaning

Next step, the carpets will be soak on both sides with a specially formulated in-house cleaning solution that will break down any stubborn stains or odours.

Step 5: Intensive Deep Brushing

carpet cleaning

After soaking the carpet with our in-house solution, we will then brush the carpet intensively to ensure that the carpet seeps through the carpet and brush out any stubborn dirt, stains, or odours.

Step 6: Rinse

carpet cleaning

After Brushing all the dirt and grime. Our cleaning specialist will thoroughly rinse out all the solutions.

Step 7: Extraction

carpet cleaning

To ensure that solutions are removed, our cleaning specialist will further use an extractor to remove any access water/solutions.

Step 8: Signature CareGuard Treatment

carpet cleaning

Lastly, our in house Signature CareGuard Treatment will be applied as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria, mold and etc. Keeping your carpet safe for you and your family. 


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